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IPv6 peering project

Lately I’ve been working with a few great people from around the world on a new project we’re calling the ‘IPv6 peering project’. It’s a series of how-to’s combined with real world equipment to get network enthusiasts and professionals alike to start understanding and begin using IPv6 with BGP. You can visit the wiki page, which contains more information about the project as well as the currently connected peers list:     http://wiki.v6project.com .

The project currently has around 20 peers globally and a majority of those peers are running BGP. Some peers, including myself, are hosting services at the projects ipv6 addresses. Personally I’m hosting an IIS website as well as a Minecraft server for those that have successfully connected to my ipv6 network and have received my routing table via BGP.

Here’s the first of a few tutorial videos I’ve put together to help get individuals started when trying to create their first ipv6 tunnel and connecting to their first peers. This particular video is a short clip showing how to create an ipv4 to ipv6 tunnel using tunnelbroker.net:

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